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Sightseeing tips:

  • the Tschettritz Palace of 1604, extended as the seat of Pszczyna duchy administration in mid-19th century;
  • Stallion Stable, where horse races, horse-driving competitions, and international horse auctions are organized;
  • Ruins of a Gothic Revival Old Książ castle, erected by the Hochberg family in the late 18th century;
  • Spa theatre in Szczawno Zdrów, including a 19th century Rococo hall, and mineral water pump-room;
  • Palm house in Lubiechów - plenty of tropical plants;
  • Ruins of Nowy Dwór castle, built in 1581 to replace Duke Bolko II's burgh;
  • Anna Tower - a 1818 viewing platform;
  • St. Anna Church and Christ's Heart Church, first recorded in 1335;
  • The Mysterious Underground Towns of Osówka and Walimskie;
  • Arms Factory, built inside the Sowie Mountains during the second world war;
  • Cistercian monastery complex in Krzeszów (a '0' grade monument);
  • Medieval Grodno castle in Zagórz Śląski;
  • Rock Town in the Czech Republic. Sights of Świdnica: 16th century Peace Church, Weapons and Military Artefacts Museum, Commerce in the Past Museum, Weaving in Lower Silesia Museum in Kamienna Góra, St. Hedwig wooden church in Rybnica Leśna, Mining Museum in Nowa Ruda;
  • Skulls Chapel in Czermna (near Kudowa Zdrój);
  • Paper-Making Museum in Duszniki Zdrój;
  • 'Rock Errant' (Błędne Skały) Nature Reserve in the Sowie Mountains Landscape Park;
  • 18th century fortress in Srebrna Góra;
  • Viewing tower on Great Owl peak (Wielka Sowa) in the Sowie Mountains Landscape Park;
  • WWII military complex 'Master' (Włodarz) in the Sowie Mountains Landscape Park;
  • Steam Locomotive museum in Jaworzyn Śląski.

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