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    Our leading activity, selected working staff deals with which specially, it is complex and professional organization of performance in hall lock Castle Książ. We take care of proper situating performance having in mind diversity chamber, according to theme and character of meeting.

We suggest organization:

  • Training, conference, sympozjów, exhibition,
  • Banquets, brand receptions
  • Occasional performance,
  • On terraces plein-air performance Castel and in restaurant "Książ"
  • In style performance country In Stadzie Ogierów
  • Integrate performance

    We assure dormitory base to in the area of Castle "Road House Duke's " about european standard for 100 persons finding. We provide accomodation in case of organization of performance for more of visitor along with transport for Castle in palled up hotels.

    By we brand meetings in the area of Castle Książ supervising purpose organized, which present our visiting-card, integration of invited visitor is. We suggest miscellaneous style and character of meeting depending on requirements and expectations of organizers.

    We will prepare wish on states ball wytworny, in most excellent locking chambers, we will serve royal according to recipe court przysmaki Kuchmistrza, we will take care of musical frame, which will return climate of court acceptance.

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