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        Dear Visitors,
We would like to introduce you to the newly-opened hotel facilities, located in the picturesque scenery of the third largest castle in Poland - The Castle of Książ, the pearl of the Lower Silesia region, on the outskirts of the city of Wałbrzych.         The Castle Hotel (Hotel Zamkowy), situated on a dramatic cliff in the area of the local Landscape Park, is a unique enclave of peace and quiet. The location is ideally suited for both work and relaxation. A historic building on the castle grounds houses 19 luxury rooms, including a 60 m 2 suite.
      It can cater to 45 guests at any one time. Most rooms offer a splendid view of the Książ Castle. Both the location and its surroundings are perfect for arranging fully professional training sessions, conferences, and integration meetings of any mood and atmosphere. The unique complexity and historic atmosphere of the castle make a stay at our hotel something extraordinary. We hope the attractions we offer will meet the expectations of our most demanding visitors.
      We are capable of arranging events for 170 people in the hotel facilities we have available, providing attractions that will stay long in your memories.
We offer our Visitors:

  • conferences, symposia and training sessions in the castle rooms,
  • business banquets in the castle rooms,
  • high quality audio-visual equipment,
  • events in the castle rooms,
  • fireworks shows,
  • sleigh-rides in the area,
  • traditional local bonfires,
  • horseback-riding,
  • picnics and outdoor events,
  • theme feasts,
  • nature hikes and related outdoor lessons.
We will do our best to fulfil all your expectations.

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